Concierge Service

You know the extra right hand that you always need? That would be Stephane at ConciergeSVP.

ConciergeSVP offers its members a 24/7 service dedicated to finding solutions for any request such as reliable plumbers, organizing home deliveries, attending property management meetings and even planning your next evening out.

After becoming a member with ConciergeSVP, most people say, “How in the world did I live without him?”

Property Management
Home Care
Home Administration

Regular domestic cleaning 
Window cleaning
House sitting 
Handwork assembly -Electrician – Plumber – Repairman
Handyman services for household repairs
Pool maintenance 
Re-stocking the basic prior to your arrival
Watering your plants

Management of deliveries
House sitting 
Date reminder service
Complaint correspondence 
Organizing insurance 

Introduction to the local bank manager

Organizing direct debit for home services
Meeting with your property management company 
Organizing electricity, water, telephone, Internet connections
Keeping personal administration up to date

Travel and holiday planning and arrangements

Grocery shopping