Currency Exchange

Whether its buying a dream property, selling a property, redecorating, transferring your monthly pensions, mortgages or living expenses, making international transfers with your bank can be very expensive.

The old days of speaking with your trusted bank rep or clicking a button online to transfer your funds internationally are long gone. As the currency exchange provider for the Riviera Alliance, we like to encourage our clients to ‘think outside the banks’ so that you can save an average 3-5% compared to the banks when making your international transfers.

We’re here to make money transfer abroad simple – that means offering a helpful service and getting you a great deal. No problem. To make sure that happens, we’ll take the time to understand what’s important to you and what you want to achieve. Simple as 1, 2, 3.

In a competitive and volatile market, it is more important than ever to protect oneself and budget for your future plan, that is why we offer personalised one-to-one service to each and every client and have local offices on five continents, including our head office in London and office on the French Riviera.

  • The benefits of ‘Thinking Outside the Banks’
  • Save an average 2-4% on the property price compared to you bank
  • Peace of mind, secure & traceable transfers
  • Fix a rate for up to 12 months with a Fixed Forward contract
  • Guaranteed Bank-Beating rates
  • Fast, easy and safe transfers every time