Client Testimonial

“I hadn’t initially intended to take on a renovation project, given that I was living in Dubai at the time. However, of all the apartments I viewed, this was the one that really captured my imagination. It had been empty for several years and needed a complete revamp. The team is key and I was very fortunate to find a great group of experts. Everything from arranging the mortgage through to the renovation itself and the invaluable help of an interior designer / project manager meant that I could trust that the work was in safe hands. During my frequent visits, I could gradually see the life being put back into the apartment, which was a wonderful feeling. The end result is a very special home which exceeds anything I had ever imagined I would own, with a bold and eclectic mix in terms of design and a very practical living space. I would say that the quality of the team is fundamental to the outcome, and using referrals meant success on this project.”-  Jenny Munro, United Arab Emirates